Why you should hire Peter Crosby as a Creative Consultant.

Personality and hygiene issues aside, there are still plenty of good reasons to hire Peter Crosby: He’s conceptual, strategic and digital-savvy. Plus, unlike most copywriter-based Creative Directors, Peter has a B.F.A. in Design and a hands-on understanding of web development. Basically, he’s the total creative package (minus the black turtleneck and beret).

Crosby understands digital so well you’d think he still lived in his parent’s basement.

You want proof? You’re looking at it, bro. This site is acronym-packed with CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. This ain’t no “pick-a-theme” SquareSpace bull-dookie. This site is hand-themed, Drupal-based PHP goodness. So is his personal ‘blog, the CrosbyReport, and numerous other sites he’s built for friends and family. In short, Peter Crosby ‘gets’ technology like PHP gets static variables.

The kind of advertising you can expect to get when you hire Peter Crosby.

Wondering what kind of advertising you’ll get if you hire Peter Crosby? In a word: Award-winning. Which awards? Well, let’s not get into specifics, it’s tacky. Suffice to say, you’ll get the same quality of work you’d get from any of the award-winning ad agencies he’s worked for. What you won’t get is a bill for overhead, account management, or hotel “movies.”

Why choose Peter Crosby over other advertising professionals?

Most Creative Directors are, to be blunt, drunken reprobates (allegedly). They’re frequently failed novelists/screenwriters who ended up in advertising to avoid selling their bodies for a copy of “Final Draft.” Conversely, Peter Crosby is a failed trumpet player who ended up in advertising to avoid selling his body for valve oil. That’s better, right?

Copywriting is just one of Peter Crosby's many advertising abilities.

Engaging customers takes more than just clever puns or word play. Peter Crosby’s strategic and conceptual approach creates more entertaining and effective advertising. It’s an almost superhuman ability that could — in the wrong hands — manipulate otherwise intelligent people into buying unsuitable products. And frankly, that responsibility keeps Peter Crosby up at night.

Creatively, Peter Crosby brings more to the table than a Cheesecake Factory waiter.

Not convinced? (Of course you are — go back and check again. See?) Now, to make people think it was a tough decision, casually view his portfolio of thinking, copywriting, art directing, cartooning, web design, development, and TV co-directing. (Scowl a bit as you do. That’ll help sell it.)